Developing your dating app in US or Western Europe is going to be the most expensive option available

Simple clones of the popular app Tinder can be cost as little as a few thousand dollars. There are plenty of companies out there which will add your preferred branding, logo and colour scheme and upload it to the app play store. Of course with no unique selling point making your app stand out from the crowd and become a success will be difficult. On the other hand developing a unique idea will make your dating app cost more but it might have a better of a chance of success. This is where the location of the developers you chose is going to make the biggest difference in costs.

Whilst there are advantages with using devs in your home country; no language barrier, no time difference, face to face meetings etc. For most startups the costs will outweigh the benefits. These days skilled developers can be found across the globe and you no longer need to be in one of the traditional “tech hub” cities (London, San Francisco, Berlin etc.) to get the talent you need. To get a basic to mid level app launched using western developers is going to cost between $70-150,000.

How much a dating app costs to develop can vary widely depending on how complex your idea is and where you chose to have your app developed

Eastern European countries like Poland, Romania and Ukraine have strong up and coming development scenes, Poland in fact is quite mature with a lot of multinationals and big corporates basing their IT departments in the country. Read more